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Let me first educate you what a responsive website is. Goal of a responsive design is to build web pages that detect the visitor’s device, be it mobile, tablet, laptop and/or desktop; the orientation of the layout changes as per the device. If you open a website on your smartphone and see a very tiny version of what you would see on your laptop, zoom your way in to read the content and understand the navigations, you are NOT on a Responsive Website.

If you have not taken the previous predictions and recommendations seriously on the importance of a Responsive Website, you may be in danger of not serving your clientele or prospects with utmost satisfaction and user friendliness; as mobile and tablet users are increasing exponentially. However, there are two exceptions to this; 1) you are not reliant on your website to generate revenues, or 2) you don’t have any competitors. If either of these two applies to you, you are ok, but if your business is dependent on your website, building a responsive website before the close of this year should be one of your most essential and imperative goals which should be addressed at highest priority.

You have these advantages if you own a Responsive Website:

  • Expansion in reach to mobile users.
  • Enormous growth on your online sales and substantial increase in lead conversion ratio
  • Consolidation of your analytics and reporting.
  • Increase in engagement of the traffic coming from search engines or social media from mobile devices.
  • Cost saving on mobile development & multiple website management.
  • Seamless and enhanced user browsing experience

If you have read articles from a year ago on the urgency of having a Responsive Website and are wondering if you’re too late, don’t worry! Because it is very likely all your competitors are equally late in this race. 2013 was a year when your business competitors that tend to lag the cutting edge online media and web design, got their acts together and did themselves a huge favour by creating a Responsive Website. Majority of companies and industries lag behind their advances of online presence by at least a year. So you’ve been safe so far, but shall not always be because your competitors next door are accelerating.

Yes, building a responsive website would cost more than a non responsive, but not substantially extensive that could go beyond your affordability. All you are required to do is; choose a right Web Development agency and see their work on Responsive Websites; the design (whether out of the box creativity or not), functions, security measures, testing skills and accuracy. It is also informative for you to know that even a recently designed non responsive website can be converted to a responsive website with the right choice of web development agency.

You may be late, it’s never too late!

Why is it a compulsion for your business website to adapt responsiveness?
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Why is it a compulsion for your business website to adapt responsiveness?
Building a Responsive Website not only will help your visitors to review your website on any device, but the comfort and interactiveness will also bring value.
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