Aurelia UI Framework – The Next Gen UI Experience

Aurelia is one of the most complete feature-rich frontend JS explored and is currently competing React and Angular2. Whether you are building the web or mobile application, Aurelia is the framework, which will not only support amazing UI, but it manages to create the apps that are extensible, testable, and manageable.

This stunning UI framework comes with lots of benefits and this article will cover the highlighters. More importantly it is more likely similar to Angular2 but does it better in many different ways. Having a strong competition in frontend UI framework is definitely an amazing trend to notice, because it brings the best of the web and mobile app development, offers stunning user experience and eases the jobs of the frontend developers with awesome features.

This article would largely cover the key areas where Aurelia is doing awesome:

Steep Learning Curve:

Like any other UI Framework, yes there is a curve to this however, being similar to Angular2 gives it an edge of steep learning curve unlike React. This surely means that developers will not have to spend too much time learning this, but will certainly be able to start working while reading the most extensive documentation Aurelia has written. The community is building up fast and the documentation is very helpful making it even more easier to get ready to code quickly.

Not Simplistic but Simple:

This is written in ECMAScript 2016 from ground up and offers native modules, classes, decorators and more at developers disposal, making it simpler. Moreover, it has a simple design for developers to be able to learn a very small set of patters and APIs. Most importantly with this simple design and amazing offering this frontend UI framework unlocks limitless possibilities for the frontend developers.

Clean and Unobtrusive:

The only framework to let you build components using their own JS. It completely stays out of the way of your code and hence it is clean enough not to come in your way of evolution of your code.

Conventions & Code Optimization:

Conventions are very important aspect of Aurelia since it really helps the developers to follow certain patterns and reduce the code which they may have to manually write and document for their app.This also means that the framework API fiddling would reduce with a single focus on the app.

Testable Environment:

Aurelia offers the most minimally coupled code for highly cohesive unit testing by combining ES 2015 modules with a simple, yet powerful Dependency Injection Container.

Well Crafted Extensible HTML:

Aurelia offers an amazingly designed extensible HTML compiler that lets the app developer create HTML elements in custom fashion. Moreover, it offers this with full support of dynamic loading, data binding and batched rendering with highest degree of performance.

Modern Architecture and MV* with conventions:

This architecture allows you to approach your app using smaller chunks of modules. You can choose to combine them to use a full-featured framework or you can pick the ones you need to give a custom experience for your application. This surely allows the app developers an ease and moreover with MV* architecture being defined with the conventions you choose to reduce the efforts massively by not having to write the long codes.

Visionary Leadership:

The Project is led by one of the most renowned and highly experienced architect Rob Eisenberg, who is on the journey to create the next generation UI framework with this project Aurelia, with the strong focus on developer experience by offering perfect match to build an awesome application and yet enjoy the process of developing it.


Aurelia has already established the name and has one of the largest communities and contributors on gitter channels. The app is suitable for any kind of applications be it small, medium or large, which is why many corporate giants have been using this beautiful and completely free open source framework.

To summarize, Aurelia is one perfect solution for frontend UI framework, it is amazingly built and has a longer vision of supporting the said framework. The app developers have easy to access pool of functionalities which one can bag while creating a custom application be it on web or mobile for the customers.

Nisarg Mehta - CEO Techtic Solutions Nisarg Mehta

Nisarg Mehta, CEO & Chairman of Techtic Solutions, is the vision of the company. Nisarg is active in operations in his daily routine as he is one of the key decision makers in terms of technological advancements of the company. He is a friendly leader with hardworking, motivating, visionary and passionate personality.

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