6 Latest Trends in eCommerce Web Design to Use in 2017

In web designing the trends might not be transitory like in the fashion industry. An eCommerce business which wants to have a certain success has to follow them. Continuously promoting your website is as significant as improving your products because this will bring and attract more customers towards you.

Here we are giving you a list of web design trend predictions for the year 2017, for your business and website.

1. Fill up the interstitial anxiety along with the previews

‘Interstitial anxiety’ is mainly the holdup between action and response. In the ecommerce website it is the time period that it takes for loading of new page. The longer the delay, the quality of the client experience will be poor. There is a moment, when many websites try to fight this problem through optimizing the pages by raising the loading speed. Though, a web designer can assist you in turning this negative delay into the positive so that the customer can have a good experience. Moreover, this emerging trend is to fill out the breaks and pauses with the page previews so that the visitor instead of the anxiety switches to the mode of anticipation.

2. Flat design development

Flat design has been very popular, but it’spopularity started to reduce and then this trend is for certain to continue in the year 2017. With the introduction of the technology of virtual reality the material design patterns that web designer are used to be getting more and more difficult. This development will unavoidably result in more artistic multi-dimensional schemes which will lure the viewer on many levels. Many experts predict that the card layout is amongst the hottest trends now a days and will remain strong for the mobile devices also. In addition to this, as it is not very efficient for the bigger screens that’s why you can expect some more creative patterns in this.

3. Bringing in hand-drawn elements

Now we all had passed the time and era of cookie cutter websites. At present time, the creativity is ruling the whole world of design, which means one have to be real in each and every element. Moreover, hand drawn elements specially are achieving high popularity. Their special feature is their uniqueness and charm in their limitations. In this, the flash animations with the custom drawn elements are appearing to be a special favorite for this fast rising trend.

4. Going beyond the landing pages

In the year 2015 and 2016, the landing pages were the key focus of various web designers. It is a for sure a good thing because the first impression for viewer is very vital. This trend is not losing its popularity at all, but it is balancing with the rising interest of making every page as impressive and beautiful also. For the businesses of ecommerce, implementing this new trend to some extent can be tricky also because they have to make sure that the pages of products loads with a high speed. There are also some pages that are toned down for preventing the buyers from an information excess. Hence, you require selecting that which pages are there which are upgraded with the very much care.

5. Development in flexible and responsive design

At the instant we have a responsive design which is based on the geo-location and the sort of device used such as mobile, desktop etc. Though, this functionality is no longer sufficient and now a days the developers work on adding up more options of customization. The age-responsive design appears to be the focus now, but we can see onward to more alike trends which are emerging in the year 2017. Furthermore, an ecommerce website that regulates to the exact needs of the visitors upon loading is certain to be anachievement as personalization is one of the keyappeal for the buyers and customers.

6. The raise of microinteractions

Initially, the term ‘microinteractions’ defines a communication which based on a single task. For instance, an alarm for the week is set by clicking on a button. This way of combining ease and functionality is making its path into website design of eCommerce. Thus, with the ‘swipe’ technology, packing your pages with supportive icons is a necessity for any business.

Kishan Gediya - Head of Open Source Department Kishan Gediya

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